Gateway and Specialized Health Information Sites

Following are additional Gateway and Specialized Health Information
Sites (courtesy of Health Information Partners, GW School of Public
Health & Health Services*):

Gateway Sites

For seniors

For parents, kids and teens

For teens

Multiple Languages

* The Health Information Partners site includes an especially valuable section, Medical Procedures, that describes routine and special diagnostic tests with instructions to prepare for them. The primary source is Medline Plus.

NCWO affiliates show how new health reform law impacts women

Check out our Advocacy section to see what NCWO and a number of our affiliates are saying and doing regarding the new health law.

Check out the 'Health Resources' section of this site

The Health Resources section is intended to provide reliable, accurate information on health prevention and wellness generally. It includes information we have found to be particularly helpful on a variety of health issues. You can access it on the toolbar above or by clicking the hotlink that starts the sentence.