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"The first important step is education... The second step on the road to good health is taking action... while the medical community can conduct research, and provide recommendations and guidelines on health-promoting behaviors, the ultimate responsibility for embarking on the road to a healthier and more hopeful life rests with you."

Excerpt from the "American Medical Women's Association: The Women's Complete Healthbook," written entirely by women physicians and other medical professionals.

The above is reprinted from the task force homepage to reiterate the purpose of this website.

This section is intended to provide reliable, accurate information on health prevention and wellness generally. It includes information we have found to be particularly helpful on a variety of health issues that may or may not appear elsewhere on this site.

As the task force members are volunteers, we invite you to let us know of your suggestions for additional resources by e-mailing either task force co-chair, Carolyn Jacobson or Aimee Gallagher.

A monthly column, Health Corner, is being supplied by NCWO/task force member HealthyWomen. Each month you will find new material in that column.

As many NCWO affiliate organizations are experts in various aspects of women's health, many are featured by topic in the Health Priorities section of this site.

The NCWO website features a listing of all affiliates that have health programs. You can access this list here.

Under the Task Force Health Priorities section of this site, you will see key issues related to women's preventive health. Under each priority we provide an overview of the issue, followed by NCWO affiliate sites on the issue, followed by additional resources on the issue.