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The National Council of Women's Organizations' Women's Health Task Force is made up of organizations that actively support the work of NCWO member organizations to advance women's health and to promote NCWO's healthcare policy agenda. Women have their own special healthcare needs – whether they’re related to reproductive health or to health conditions that affect everyone. They are also the gatekeepers to their family’s health and are the primary consumers of healthcare in America. The Task Force wants women and organizations to use the health and policy information on this website to become active and engaged advocates for the health of women throughout the United States. The Task Force also seeks to provide a place where women can easily find information on health, and apply this information to an overall health and wellness plan for themselves and their families. The Task Force’s initial focus was on increasing women's awareness of cervical cancer and expanding women's access to all of the clinical tools now available to help prevent this disease. We continue to expand our focus as new issues are decided upon by the members of the Task Force.

NCWO affiliates show how new health reform law impacts women

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The Health Resources section is intended to provide reliable, accurate information on health prevention and wellness generally. It includes information we have found to be particularly helpful on a variety of health issues. You can access it on the toolbar above or by clicking the hotlink that starts the sentence.